NY-ResolutionI am going to lose 20kg. I am going to exercise 3 times every week. I am going to phone my mother more often. I am going to drink a bit less. These, and hundreds more, are the kind of resolutions we make as the new year dawns. And by sometime in January they have usually been broken, or forgotten, or both. We’ve all done it, year after year. Most of us still do it…..

Well, now that the year is actually underway (back at work, tired again, stress returning, etc etc.) perhaps THIS is the time to revisit those well-meant resolutions. It’s not like they were bad ideas or we decided on better plans is it? It’s more likely that we got sucked into the hurly-burly of working life and lost sight of our promises to ourselves. Or we didn’t find the time for them. Or we found it hard to give up certain treats & comforts so early in our busy working year. Or we failed once and then just gave up. There are many obstacles and it’s easy to get tripped up by “life” isn’t it?

We think ANY day is a good day to start a new healthy habit and ANY day is a good day for positive change. We know it’s not easy of course, so how to make resolutions stick? There are no guarantees here but maybe this might help you: set your targets lower. Try aiming to just lose that FIRST two kilos, or go to gym THIS week, or NOT smoke today. Behaviourists are finding that when we set smaller, more immediate, more reach-able targets for ourselves, we improve our chances of success. It’s about being realistic. It is sometimes called “baby steps”. Success brings success and in this way we can develop a habit of setting targets for ourselves, ALL the time (every day, every week, etc.) and over time, we make lasting and positive changes. This approach really does work, especially if you can make it a habit.

Today is a GREAT day for positive change. Why don’t you write down just one goal for today or for this week. A small and realistic goal. Write it down and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Achieve the goal and then reset / repeat…