Due to the current pandemic and activity regulations set out by the Government, the annual wellness screening has been cancelled for now. We will work along with Sanlam to look at the viability of offering wellness screenings that can be implemented safely

Health screening is important for all of us: once we know where stand (how well we are, or are not) we have the opportunity to make changes. Your Sanlam wellness programme includes free pharmacy-based screening nationwide as well as a powerful online wellness assessment for this reason. But there are also workplace wellness days at selected sites each year. These offer weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and HIV screening in a professional and confidential manner. For cost and logistics reasons we cannot offer this service at every site but we do try to reach most major sites to cover as many staff as possible.

Missed the wellness days? Try our free Pharmacy-Screening service, available year-round.

Thank you to our supporting schemes:

If you download, print, complete, and bring along these forms (WellQ for everyone, plus the appropriate medical scheme forms) you will go straight to the front of the queue at the 2020 Sanlam wellness days.

WellQ form
FEDHEALTH wellness screening form
BESTMED wellness screening form

Sanlam’s approved & recommended medical schemes (Fedhealth, Bonitas, Bestmed) are committed to supporting Sanlam’s wellness days. The schemes will fund the health screening at the workplace wellness days. This funding will come from the preventive and or wellness portion of your scheme benefits and will not be deducted from your savings or day-to-day funds at all, provided that the benefit being used has not already been used in the current calendar year (one screening per member per year is allowed by the scheme) and provided you are a member in good standing at the time of the screening. Please be sure to bring your medical scheme card or number to the wellness days.

Exclusive to Sanlam employees who are Sanlam Reality members. Earn up to 10 000 tier points when you participate in the Sanlam Wellness Day by doing the Basic Medical FREE of charge!

Sanlam Reality members can earn up to 10 000 tier points when they complete the Basic Medical at the Sanlam Wellness Day. Plus, we will also save you time and money – instead of booking the Basic Medical at a Dis-Chem or Clicks pharmacy at a cost, you can have your tests done FREE OF CHARGE at the Sanlam Wellness Day. Earning tier points will boost your tier status, which in turn means you get bigger discounts on your Sanlam Reality benefits.

The Basic Medical

As a Reality Health, Reality Plus or a Reality Core member you can earn points for completing the following four tests:

  1. BMI test
  2. Non-fasting glucose test
  3. Non-fasting cholesterol test
  4. Blood pressure test.

Points will be earned depending on the results of the tests. For each of the four tests the earnable points per range are:

  • Ideal range: 2 500 points
  • Almost ideal range: 2 000 points
  • Not ideal range: 1 000 points.

Visit our website to learn more about how you can earn tier points simply by doing your basic medical check