Skip Challenge

Remember those childhood skipping ropes we used to play with, skipping all day till our legs hurt, reciting rhymes at the top of our lungs…doing this everyday throughout the school holidays? That was also a time when we could eat anything and not put on fat. Skipping is a great way to be active and it is not just for kids.

Skipping helps you tone your upper and lower body, build or improve stamina, keeps the heart in good condition and of course you burn calories, which helps with weight control.

If you’re a beginner, a few minutes of skipping might have you out of breath and tired, while an experienced skipper can manage 20 or 30 minutes with ease. One of the great things is flexibility: if you’re able to skip for 10 minutes but want to exercise for 30 minutes a day, try 10 minutes of jumping rope in the morning, afternoon and evening to reach your goal.

Skipping: often thought-of as “just for kids”, it could really be something worth trying, no matter your age.

This page includes the chance to record your skipping (skips per day) – the form is on the right.

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