Walking is a great way to get active and nearly all of us CAN walk. It can also be a great way to break your day and may improve your energy & productivity at work too. You can walk on your own of course but sometimes it helps to join some colleagues for motivation and a bit of social engagement. Here are some folks who have volunteered to lead walks in the Sanlam Group – please just contact them if you’re interested in joining-in.

Our sincere thanks to all the walk-leaders. If you would like to lead walks please email us (giving the sort of details you see below) on walks@sanlamwellness.co.za

Walk leader Contact info Site Notes
Rukshana Allie rukshana.allie@sanlam.co.za Bellville head office Leads walks on Tuesday & Thursday but willing to add or change to suit colleagues.
Shayne Hollenberg Shayne.Hollenberg@santam.co.za Santam Aukland Park Runs Monday to Thursday 12h30 but willing to adjust schedule to suit colleagues.
Ohna Wessels  ohna.wessels@sanlam.co.za Bellville head office Will fit in to colleagues needs almost any time during the week and can lead weekend walks & runs too.
Samantha Lakhraj Samantha.lakhraj@sanlam.co.za Alice Lane Sandton Starting a led-walk Wednesdays 09h30 but flexible to suit colleagues.
Nazlie Abader-Cozett nazlie.abader-cozett@santam.co.za Tyger valley Santam Mondays & Fridays at 8am. 15 minute walks.