More than half of us are worried about our weight to some degree. More than half of us are overweight by medical definition. This creates all sorts of physical, medical, and psychological problems. While it is true that the worlds of fashion and popular culture have gone too far in creating an almost impossible “ideal”, it is also true that most of us would be more well, healthier and happier if we could get our weight under control. The truth is that we can – perhaps not easily, almost certainly with challenges & difficulties, but we can.

IGNITE is a 12-week challenge aimed at helping you to lose weight in a sensible, sustainable, gradual and safe way. It is based on mainstream nutritional science (no fads and no “latest craze” diets). It completely recognises and respects that only you can control your weight – IGNITE is here to support and empower you, while you become a more-well version of yourself, yourself.

Is this for me?

Try answering these questions:

  • Are you overweight and do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you truly accept that your weight today is a result of your past choices  and so your future weight will be a result of your choices today?
  • Are you prepared to lose weight slowly and sustainably?

If you can answer “yes” to each of these then IGNITE may well be for you.

How does it work?

IGNITE is a 12-week challenge that includes:

  • Special email and SMS series’.
  • One-on-one coaching with our clinic nurses.
  • WhatsApp support groups.
  • Wellness-coach online
  • A 1-2 hour workshop.
  • Referral to extra resources if and when necessary (if costs are incurred these will be for your account).

It’s not about “magic” or “miracles” but it is about sharing proven science and supporting you on your journey to better wellness.

How do I enrol?

IGNITE is available at no cost to all employees of the Sanlam Group. Participants need to:

  • Have a BMI over 25 (i.e. they need to be overweight or obese by medical definition).
  • Be able to attend one-on-one coaching every 2 weeks (10-15 minutes per session) over the 12 weeks.
  • Enrol using the form(s) on the right, noting that only the first 100 will be accepted on each course.

NOTE: the initial challenge will be limited to head-office but this is simply the first “pilot”. More challenges will be launched in due course so please be patient if you cannot enrol on this pilot.

Challenges open for enrolment

This challenge is for head-office staff only (there will be other courses soon) and runs from 15 April to 05 June 2019. Participants must have a BMI over 25 (they must be “overweight” or “obese” by medical definition) and each challenge is limited to 100 participants (first come first served, please see counter below).

Bellville April 2019 challenge is full. Sorry.


If you have a query on how this service works, or a technical query, you can use the COMMENTS on this page or you can email .

If you have a query on weight loss or health & wellness generally, you can use the Ask-the-wellness-coach forum (link is below).

Reading & resources

Body Mass Index (BMI): Find out if you are medically underweight, healthy-weight, overweight, or obese.

BMI table

The basics (carbohydrate, protein, fat, and how much of each).

Nutrition 101

A quick, simple, practical guide to healthy eating.

Avoid that, choose this

Practical examples on avoiding that, choosing this.

Food swaps

Setting weight loss targets and tracking progress.

Winning at losing

A recommended daily schedule.

How often to eat

Reliable sites and interesting apps.

Online weight loss resources

Post your own wellness query, read others.