Coronavirus has dominated our lives in 2020, and may do so for months and even years to come. This is an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, which has resulted in suffering, fear, panic, economic shut-down, and many many tragic deaths. The future seems unclear and it’s likely that the world will never be quite the same again. The scenarios created around the world have been so compelling and rapidly-changing that news services report on little else day-after-day. We know that our readers are an educated and online-savvy group who will be fairly well informed on the pandemic in general, so this wellness service will not try to replicate news services. Rather, we present a few carefully selected resources and some trustworthy online links. We also have our “Coronavirus chat” service, which offers an opportunity to ask your questions (our wellness coach will reply) and to read as well as comment on those of others.

EARLY JUNE 2020: South Africa has been in lock-down for some 10 weeks now, with Level-3 implemented from 01 June. Case numbers and deaths remain fairly low although we are now seeing real increases and the emergence of many hotspots, especially in townships. The full impact of Covid-19 will only be seen locally in the coming months, especially as spread through and from poorer communities takes hold, which seems inevitable. If we follow the trends seen in other countries, which is likely, we will probably see something like 30 to 40 000 deaths from this virus (this may actually be a low estimate). Looting and protesting and simple-criminality are becoming real concerns in many areas. We are also seeing more resistance and complaint and questioning of policy from opposition political parties, some healthcare experts, etc. The best way forward is not widely agreed upon at this stage. There is certainly a realisation that the country, and the world, will never be the same again.

Some useful articles:

Info-graphics that may help you (click to enlarge):

The South African national helpline number is 0800 029 999.

An overview of the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic overview

A look at a few tips that might not be obvious to everyone.

Combatting coronavirus: some subtleties
Coronavirus FAQs

Some thoughts on how to optimise your work-from-home opportunity.

Working from home (general)
Working from home (family & children)
Working from home (ergonomics)

A set of useful info-sheets you can download and print and share.

Covid-19 info sheet
Hand washing
Developing resilience
Managing stress and anxiety
Recognising stress and depression
Managing quarantine and isolation
Helping a depressed person

A set of useful and reliable and trustworthy Internet resources

SA coronavirus
World Health Organisation
SA Department of Health
SA Institute for communicable diseases
British Medical Journal

Chat to colleagues. Ask the wellness coach a question…..

Coronavirus chat

Your company-funded EAP provides 24-hour support for a range of psycho-social concerns. The service is professional (staffed by psychologists and social workers and nurses) and confidential and free to you. Here are the numbers you need:

ICAS EAP (for Sanlam Investments and Sanlam Corporate employees )

  • Call 0800 611 053

Careways EAP (for Sanlam, Santam and Miway employees)

  • Call 0800 204 555
  • Email
  • Need a call back? SMS your name to 31581 at any time, day or night and the Care Centre will call you back within 60 minutes.