Smoking – It’s Not Just About You

You know how smoking damages your health. You may be less sure about how much it can affect those around you. Here are some sobering facts: Passive smoking is now considered to be the third most common preventable cause of death in the USA. Cancer. Passive smoking increases the risk of developing some 12+ forms [...]

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Effects of Smoking – Benefits of Quitting

The damage Smoking is an extremely dangerous and damaging addiction. We’re sure you know quite a bit about this but it seems worthwhile to emphasise some of the facts: Smoking causes: Stroke Heart attacks (2-3 times more likely in smokers vs. non-smokers) Deep vein thrombosis (DVT, clots in the legs) Erectile dysfunction (impotence) Cancers – [...]

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In Five: Smoking

Smoking is the unhealthiest thing you can do to yourself. Quitting smoking will stop the damage immediately and start reversing the effects very rapidly. It’s best to choose a quitting date about 2-4 weeks away so you can plan, and choose sudden-stopping OR gradual reduction to zero. The ideal quitting plan involves considering nicotine replacement, [...]

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