Why is lifestyle change so hard?

We all want to be well, or more well. Perhaps it's more exercise, better sleep, less alcohol, losing weight, coping with stress more effectively, quitting smoking, or something else. But we all have that list in our heads, you know, the "I'd be really well if I could change xxxyyyzzz" list. But we have [...]

Smoking – It’s Not Just About You

You know how smoking damages your health. You may be less sure about how much it can affect those around you. Here are some sobering facts: Passive smoking is now considered to be the third most common preventable cause of death in the USA. Cancer. Passive smoking increases the risk of developing some 12+ forms [...]

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Effects of Smoking – Benefits of Quitting

The damage Smoking is an extremely dangerous and damaging addiction. We’re sure you know quite a bit about this but it seems worthwhile to emphasise some of the facts: Smoking causes: Stroke Heart attacks (2-3 times more likely in smokers vs. non-smokers) Deep vein thrombosis (DVT, clots in the legs) Erectile dysfunction (impotence) Cancers – [...]

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In Five: Smoking

Smoking is the unhealthiest thing you can do to yourself. Quitting smoking will stop the damage immediately and start reversing the effects very rapidly. It’s best to choose a quitting date about 2-4 weeks away so you can plan, and choose sudden-stopping OR gradual reduction to zero. The ideal quitting plan involves considering nicotine replacement, [...]

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