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No diets. No meal plans.

Weight loss is a challenge for many of us. Between 50% and 70% of adults are actually medically-overweight today. The impact on wellness, health, health risk, and quality of life is extremely serious. So, and excuse the pun, it's a big problem and one we are asked about all the time. Many people who [...]

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Comfort eating – moods & food

Do you run for that chocolate whenever you feel the world doesn’t love you? You could be a comfort-eater. What is comfort eating, how do you know you have it and how do you make sure it doesn’t affect your healthy eating goals? What is comfort or stress or emotional eating? Comfort eating or stress eating [...]

Losing Belly Fat

Weight loss is a challenge for many of us. Between 50% and 70% of adults are actually medically-overweight today. One of the most common worries is that stubborn tummy. A bit of padding around the body often worries us less than the flabby belly we carry around. It's right out in front, quite literally. [...]

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The arithmetic of weight control

Weight loss is hard. Very hard even. One thing that does not help is ignoring basic and inescapable truths. This is head-in-the-sand denial and it is very counter-productive. A good example is the arithmetic of weight control. In vs. Out People gain weight when they take in more energy (more calories) than they use or [...]

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Weight Loss Fails (what not to do)

Here are 5 ways to fail at weight loss: Losing too fast. Remember that slow weight loss is sustainable weight loss so you should really never lose any more than 1/2 to 1 kg a week. The slower you lose the better really so please resist the temptation to try lose too much too soon. Believing [...]

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Size Counts – Portion Control

Many of us think we need to starve or overwork ourselves to get results, skip dessert, only eat lettuce leaves and we not allowed to enjoy our food! This is not true, and if anything, this actually makes us put on more weight than we actually lose during this crash dieting. The trick to eating [...]

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Meal Replacements & Weight Loss

Traditionally meal replacements have featured predominantly in gyms, sports fields, hospitals and social development projects with the purpose of providing nutrient dense foods to meet increased requirements and/or poor intake. However, with the fast-paced lives many of us now lead, meal replacements are quickly becoming a viable option for healthy meals on-the-go. Often, the healthy food [...]

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Going Gluten Free?

Going gluten-free (gluten being a protein found in the likes of wheat, rye and barley) has been a prominent trend in the past few years. More people seem to be buying and cooking gluten-free. Despite its popularity, it still seems largely misunderstood so before you ban gluten, here are some facts to clear up any [...]

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Overweight Children

One in 5 children (5-19 years old) is overweight these days. This has nothing to do with "puppy fat" and unless something changes these children do not "grow out of it". Instead, they face very real immediate and future health risks. Immediate health effects: Obese youth are more likely to have risk factors for cardiovascular [...]

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Most of us may have heard the term BMI and know it is linked with our weight and that it classifies if we are healthy or not, but what exactly is it measuring and how accurate is it? BMI is used by dieticians, doctors, nurses, other health professionals and even the general public. It is not [...]