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The facts on fat

Throw the word fat into conversation and you will trigger an avalanche of debate on the latest diets and nutrition trends. Which is why somewhere between the low-fat era of the 90’s and present-day chants of “fat is back”, there appears to be much confusion about the truth of the healthiest fats to eat [...]

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Carbohydrate confusion?

Along with fat and protein, carbohydrates are one of the three food groups essential to human health. A healthy, balanced and varied diet is one that includes a combination of these food groups in the diet in adequate amounts, and the right quality of these goods, too. Yet carbohydrates have been at the centre [...]

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Most of us approach nutrition with a "what to avoid" or "need to eat less" mindset and fair enough - with the world getting ever fatter (no insult intended, it's just a fact borne out by international statistics over the last 30+ years) most of us would do well to eat less in general [...]

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Nutrition 101

We all want to be more well, or more well. "What we eat, we are" (as Yoda might say) is a truth for us all and almost everyone wants to eat well. For many it's about weight loss, for some fitness, for some specific medical conditions. But for everyone, general health & wellness is [...]

How often to eat?

This is a question we are often asked. A review of research will throw up some conflicting and potentially confusing results (and beware of all the fads and crash diets and general "nonsense" out there). So let's try to present a balanced view... Most experts have long recommended these guidelines: Eat three main meals [...]

Weight loss: online resources (links & apps)

Weight loss is important for many of us (truth be told, more than half us want or need to lose weight). Most of us actually know, more or less, how to lose weight - we know to eat less, exercise more, avoid junk & fast food, eat veggies, drink water, etc. - but we [...]

How much water?

Drink more's advice you often hear. Why? How much? What's the story here, really? Let's keep this simple... Our bodies need water. Many of us (=most of us) do not drink enough. The result is slight dehydration, which may cause headache, dry skin, low energy, constipation, appetite changes, kidney problems, and more. Drinking [...]

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Heartburn: Need to Know

Heartburn, indigestion, or Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD) is a very common condition that many people will experience at some stage - about half the population will have heartburn at some stage in their lives. Heartburn causes upper abdominal and chest burning pain, which may be associated with swallowing difficulty. It often occurs after [...]

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Fuel for Exercise

Have you ever walked into the gym, had a look around and noticed how seemingly over-prepared some of the patrons are - sports drinks, snack and water… Are you doing something wrong? Do they know something that you don’t? Let's try to simplify when you need to eat, drink or both during exercise and [...]

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Comfort eating – moods & food

Do you run for that chocolate whenever you feel the world doesn’t love you? You could be a comfort-eater. What is comfort eating, how do you know you have it and how do you make sure it doesn’t affect your healthy eating goals? What is comfort or stress or emotional eating? Comfort eating or stress eating [...]