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Carbohydrate confusion?

Along with fat and protein, carbohydrates are one of the three food groups essential to human health. A healthy, balanced and varied diet is one that includes a combination of these food groups in the diet in adequate amounts, and the right quality of these goods, too. Yet carbohydrates have been at the centre [...]

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Most of us approach nutrition with a "what to avoid" or "need to eat less" mindset and fair enough - with the world getting ever fatter (no insult intended, it's just a fact borne out by international statistics over the last 30+ years) most of us would do well to eat less in general [...]

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Are energy drinks a good idea?

Are energy drinks a good idea? The popularity of energy drinks has never been higher. Marketing campaigns target teenagers and young adults with promises of improved energy, performance, concentration and more. The perceived association with glamorous lifestyles adds to the appeal. Do these drinks really offer any benefits? Are they safe? Energy drinks typically include [...]

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Healthy Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast has been recommended by dieticians for ages. Why? By the time you wake up you will not have eaten for 6-10 hours or so. Any long period without food "tells" your body to prepare for famine/starvation and it does so by slowing down metabolism and storing fat. This is exactly what [...]

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Coffee, yes please!

Java, Mud, Joe, Brew......Coffee is one of those rare treats that contains next to no calories and offers real health and performance benefits. It is also one of the leading sources of antioxidants in the Western diet. This article discusses the numerous proven benefits (and risks) of coffee as well as suitable safe dosages of [...]

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Diabetes and Alcohol

When it comes to alcohol and diabetes, there is some confusion as to whether it can be included or not. There is a large body of information that states that moderate drinking has cardio (heart) protective effects but it can also cause havoc with your blood sugar levels. Can you answer the following questions? Is [...]

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Ask-the-Coach: Sweeteners

ARE SWEETENERS REALLY BAD FOR ME? ----------------------------------------------------- For many years (decades actually) we have used sweeteners because they provide a sweet taste without the calories (and ultra-high-GI calories at that) of sugar. For many of us this has really helped with weight control and healthier living in general since it is really not that hard when [...]