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Fuel for Exercise

Have you ever walked into the gym, had a look around and noticed how seemingly over-prepared some of the patrons are - sports drinks, snack and water… Are you doing something wrong? Do they know something that you don’t? Let's try to simplify when you need to eat, drink or both during exercise and [...]

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Carbo-loading: UPDATE

Remember carbo-loading? Carbo-loading was a popular practice for athletes in days leading up to an event. The idea of starting with a "full tank" was thought to be a good idea, especially for endurance events. But the science behind carbo-loading has evolved... In the 1960’s discoveries showed that: Glycogen (a form of carbohydrate stored in the [...]

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My secret wellness weapon

My favourite wellness tip: use your diary I am a doctor and a wellness coach. I have made my living designing and delivering health & wellness services of one type or another. For 25 years now. I know what is healthy and what is not. I am, in all seriousness, something of an expert. And yet my [...]

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Still Sitting?

Still Sitting? AN EMERGING & IMPORTANT & INDEPENDENT HEALTH RISK There is compelling evidence that we sit too much - the negative health effects are real and measurable. It’s worse for the otherwise-inactive but even effects those who exercise! “Sitting is the new smoking” has become quite a popular phrase in recent years. The notion [...]

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Exercise: a plan for keeping it up

Keeping it up. It’s such a familiar story: we start with great enthusiasm and good intentions, but after a few weeks we find that we’ve reverted back to the couch, the running shoes are gathering dust, and our bellies are expanding alarmingly. It can be so very hard to develop long-standing exercise habits and this [...]

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Exercise – what’s in it for me?

So what’s in it for me? A lot. An awful lot. Exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Just to offer a short list of the main benefits of exercise: Energy. Active people are more energetic. They get more done in a day, more easily. Happiness. Active people feel happier [...]

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I can’t exercise because…

But I can’t because… Let’s get onto this thorny issue. Given that you already know exercise is good for you (you do don't you?), the real issue is WHY do you not exercise like you know you should, and even want to? Well, research shows that the top reasons people offer for not exercising are: [...]

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