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About Dr Colin Burns

Colin was a medical practitioner (GP) from 1988 to 2000. Since then he has worked in the wellness field, designing, developing and delivering various products and services. Out of clinical practice for many years now he no longer practices medicine formally but retains a keen interest in helping people become more-well versions of themselves. He acts as a wellness coach and not as a medical practitioner today. Colin's approach and philosophy is based on empowerment: the notion that people only need a little help to make choices they usually already want to anyway - it's about respect and support rather than instruction or correction. Colin lives at the Vaal Dam with his wife Cathy. He spends time walking mountains, cycling, motorbike riding, kayaking, sailing and always looking for better & better balance.

Know your numbers (before they kill you)

Health & wellness biometrics are the key and most commonly used measures of health & wellness. We usually include Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Blood Sugar here. These are sometimes also known as 'silent killers' because they can cause an increased risk of serious (potentially deadly) conditions like heart attack, stroke, [...]

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Colon cancer

Colon cancer (cancer of the colon and or rectum) is the third most common cancer worldwide, affecting approximately 5% of people in their lifetimes. It affects mainly older people (men slightly more at risk than women) with the main risk factors being diet (processed meats, red meats, alcohol), lack of exercise, smoking, and obesity. [...]

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IGNITE weight loss ask-the-coach

Here is an opportunity to pose questions to the wellness coach. Simply post a "comment" below and this will be seen by the wellness coach who will publish your question and a reply. It's obviously not private or confidential so please keep this in mind. You can expect to see replies within 2 working [...]

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Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer affects the prostate gland, which is involved in producing seminal fluid (part of semen). It is the most common cancer affecting men, almost always older men (it's rare under 50), but it is not as deadly as you might think: 5-year survival is 90%+ and most men with prostate cancer die from [...]

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Cervical cancer

This is a cancer that can be prevented and one that can be successfully treated when found early. The cervix is the narrow channel between the uterus (womb) and the vagina. Cervical cancer is almost always caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection, which is spread sexually and usually causes few or no symptoms [...]

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Calorie counting

The arithmetic of weight control has long been understood: we gain weight when we consume more energy (calories) than we burn off (through living, breathing, moving, etc.). We maintain weight when the input and output are equal. We lose weight when we burn off more than we consume. This is simple enough and in [...]

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Movember for men

Movember is an annual month-long campaign aimed at raising awareness around mens' health. Movember is an international campaign, run in South Africa by the Mens' Foundation (an NGO charity). Movember has captured the imagination and energy of millions around the world, focussing as it does on some critical issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, [...]

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Here comes the sun

We've all heard about sun exposure and skin cancer and yet many people are still taking risks and there is some confusion in certain areas. Let's review some of the key facts: Repeated sun exposure increases the risk of skin cancer. The more sun-exposure, the higher the risk. Skin cancer is the most common [...]

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E-cigs; what is the truth?

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are all the rage. There are pop-up stores and online stores everywhere you look. Some 5-10% of adults now smoke e-cigs worldwide, and the numbers continue to grow. So what's it all about and is it safe? E-cigs heat a liquid that usually (but not always) contains nicotine, to produce [...]

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When you’re worried about someone…

It might be a friend, a work colleague, a family member, a life-partner, or almost anybody you know fairly well - so what do you do when you're worried about someone's wellbeing? This might be someone who is stressed, anxious, depressed or even suicidal. It could be a health issue like drug-abuse, smoking, obesity, [...]

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