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Ask-the-Coach: Sweeteners

ARE SWEETENERS REALLY BAD FOR ME? ----------------------------------------------------- For many years (decades actually) we have used sweeteners because they provide a sweet taste without the calories (and ultra-high-GI calories at that) of sugar. For many of us this has really helped with weight control and healthier living in general since it is really not that hard when [...]

In Five: High Blood Pressure

In 90-95% of cases no specific cause for high blood pressure is found but in 5-10% of cases an underlying medical condition is found. High Blood Pressure cannot be felt or sensed and so repeated measurements are needed to make the diagnosis. This is why it has been called The SILENT Killer. The main approaches [...]

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Happy Holidays & Wellness Weekends

Holidays and weekends-away are great! You knew that of course. But have you thought about the impact of your wellness? All too often we abandon our exercise programmes, succumb to the buffet-table-blitz, indulge in a few more sunset-drinks than we should, etc. Does it have to be this way? Of course not! here are some [...]

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